If you are thinking about starting piano lessons, you are very welcome and invited to come for a free try-out lesson.

You will be surprised how much joy it is to make music.


Michiel teaches piano lessons to people from all ages, beginners and advanced players. The lessons will be given at the music school ''Meer-music,'' or at his home in Haarlem. 


Enjoying, having fun and expressing oneself individually is seen as one of the most important factors during these lessons.


Because of this, Michiel always tunes in to the music taste of the student as much as possible. Just in life, it is so important to do what you love the most, therefore it is important in music to play what you love the most.


Michiel uses piano teaching books, mostly the ones from ''Alfred.'' But he also often deviates from it and then comes up with new ideas instead. Often he will ask the student which music he/she loves most and if there's no existing sheet music for it that is adjusted to the playing-level of the student, he will write the music himself by using his hearing and then adjust it accordingly to the level of the student.


Also learning to improvise belongs to the possibilities. Michiel is a high level improvising piano player himself (as is to see and hear on this website). Nevertheless he is of course also very well developed in playing from sheetmusic. Also in the classical music world he has a wide musical taste, but he has a preference for Johann Sebastian Bach, from whose compositions he made some amazing and phenomenal jazz arrangements.

In the lessons he will pay attention to music theory as well as to piano technics.

But most important for Michiel is that learning to play music is a joy!